What is to know about paid and free dating site accounts?

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One of the most popular and successful ways of dating is online Russian dating sites where singles are looking for life but also sexual partners. However, as these are now numerous it is not easy to choose the right brokerage. Still, some seekers are distrustful of online exchanges for fear of illegal meshes, fake profiles and forfeits.

Free dating sites

If you do not want to risk much or if you would like to test your chances first then you can use a free version without obligation. Often, singles can easily create a profile and share as much information as you like with photos. Although free dating sites offer no guarantee to find great love. The numerous applicants, who are not interested in a serious relationship, do not have to be negative at all but rather are an indicator for the variety of different characters, a relaxed atmosphere and possibly the surprise.


The service offering is usually limited so that only certain features are available. Personality tests or a matching algorithm are completely eliminated, which is not necessarily a hindrance. Singles have to search for the big luck with the search function.

  • No costs
  • No contract
  • High membership
  • Non-binding use
  • Is open to everyone

Free dating sites are thus the ideal place to make informal new acquaintances, make first contacts in a new place of residence or organize one or the other date. Particularly important here are a positive attitude and realistic expectations because it depends mainly on the fun factor. However, since free portals are often accompanied by banner ads so they have to weigh whether they consider the advertising as annoying or their free use is more important.

Paid single markets

The main difference to the free of charge online portals is obvious. Paid single sex exchanges are at the latest in the premium area costs for their members. Such platforms are more for people with a sincere interest in strong ties because those who are paying are probably serious. In this context the average age of the registered is also significantly higher.

Conclusion: Advantages

But paid dating sites usually offer free areas so that only the direct contact leads to costs. In this gray area some portals allow testing phases as a transition to the paid area. Amongst these free offers singles can browse through the personals, view other profiles and respond to incoming messages.

  • Singles with serious intentions
  • Comprehensive service offer
  • Personality test and partner suggestions
  • Free trial phases

After the trial period is expired, registered users can usually choose a term for the premium account which gives them access to all functions such as visitor lists or virtual flirting options.