What is a strip club like? How do you behave there?

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Rules are different for different strip clubs. One thing is that make sure to ask before touching girls, and you should always tip. The girls come to the strip club to earn money, and the establishment doesn’t pay them to perform. So, whatever they make, they do that from the stage and dancing and the services they provide. There are also some clubs, who take their share even on the stripper’s tips too.

How much do you take on a strip club?

If you are going to the gentlemens club near me, you should know that lap dances cost between $20 to $40, and it may vary. VIP guests are for intimate and Champagne services, and they are more private. But if you haven’t had an agreement at least word for word, then better don’t expect too much in the champagne room. So, before dealing with them, talk to them and make a word to word agreement.

You should carry more than $150 a day, and that too door fee is not included in that $150. This will get you some dances, and a few tips to the girls dancing on the stage, which might be around $5 to $10 for each girl on the stage and that’s the low end. So, try to take more money, as much more you can take, you are going to enjoy more.

You need to tip the dancers, the bartenders, and the doorman. The drinks and foods are expensive. So, to have some real fun, you should carry some good amount with you.

How are the clubs?

Different clubs have different approaches. Some are topless, and some are nude. Some clubs offer extra services and some won’t. The electrifying environment will make you have fun, but don’t touch a stripper without asking her. Also, if the club has provision for extra services, you should take protection with you.