The advantages and disadvantages of using sex toys

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It is recommended to know you much better. If the same one knows which are the keys of its body that when pressing them they are pleasant, we will be able to have the best sex of our life.

Adult Sex toys are less and less taboo among women. According to statistics, 44% of women between the ages of 18 and 60 have ever used sex toys. That is why we are almost sure that this article will interest you. Below are some advantages and disadvantages of using sex toys

The advantages of using sex toys

  • Know you: Experimenting with sex toys such as classic vibrators allows you to better know your own body and its sensitive points. It is very difficult to explain to your partner what you like if you do not know it yourself.
  • Renew your sex life and trust with your girl: Sex toys like Vibrators improve oral sex and can increase the feelings of the bodies of both what enriches the eroticism between the two. By the way, it helps you get out of the routine and improves communication.
  • Achieving orgasms easier: Having orgasms often looks like doing sports. At first it can be difficult but the more you practice, the better results you will have both alone and with your partner.

The disadvantages of using sex toys

  • Disagreements in the couple: Some people may feel replaced and that can cause disagreements in the couple and affect self-esteem. It is important that the sex toy is used as a complement to give pleasure to both. The jealous can get to name and face your sex toy especially if you get caught secretly with it! Careful.

Hence no doubt these type of toys have some drawback but still they are very useful for happy sexual life