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Malaga, Marbella and the whole Costa del Sol are famous for a few reasons – golf, sunshine and sex are chief among them for the male of the species. As far as the golf is concerned, within fifty miles in each direction of Malaga there are over one hundred and fifty golf courses available to play. And all of them are of an outstanding standard. Even the worst is better than the average course in Northern Europe. As for the sunshine, there Costa del Sol lives up to its name with over three hundred days of sunshine every year. And the sex? Ah yes, the sex. Sex is everywhere, with both amateur and professional women.

What can be better after eighteen or thirty six holes in the sunshine than relaxing with the entertaining company of a beautiful and sexy woman? Personally, I cannot think of anything. But then I love women of all types and nationalities! But there are a few issues with rounding your rounds off with a nice session of a lady playing with your balls. The two major problems are that men tend to go on trips with their mates in a crew, and they often share rooms to save money for the green fees. Oh, and most of them are married. So depending on the guys involved, it can be awkward to pull a girl in a bar, because even if you do you have to hope that she has somewhere for you to go. And having a sexy escort girl visit your room has the obvious problem of getting your mate out of the room or making sure that you are not disturbed by the golfing crew.

Which is where escort agencies such as 2nd Circle or the many perfectly legal brothels in Malaga and the Costa del Sol come in handy. None of those problems apply when you visit a brothel in Malaga. They do not apply either when you visit with an escort who can offer an incall apartment. You can visit or book at any time and tell your friends (or even your brother in law!) that you are off for a walk down the beach to relax your muscles.  Sneaking off for an hour or two is easy and discreet. And in that time you can get up to all sorts of naughtiness. Whatever takes your fancy, in fact. You can get away from your golfing buddies, get a massage to loosen your stiff back and shoulders. And then you can get your balls tickled, scrubbed and emptied in peace, quiet and privacy.