How to Have a Happy and Durable Marriage?

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Marriage is a sensitive topic these days; while some are still very conservative and believe in marrying before anything, there’re lots of people that don’t want to marry at all. But in between these two postures, there’s also tons of regular human being trying to figure out the best way to have a healthy and durable relationship or marriage according to all modern rules.

To help those that are trying to keep the tradition in a healthier way, we’ve listed some tips for having a really happy and durable marriage

Team Work

Remember that when you marry a person, you become some kind of dynamic duo that must confront the difficulties of building a home together. It’s common that people tend to stop making efforts or helping their partner after they establish and that’s one of the first reasons for marriage trouble.


Other of the problems that usually lead the marriage to failure is the lack of communication. Both persons shut themselves down when they find out their partner won’t agree to everything they want and stop communicating; both assume the other one must guess what’s the problem and be the one acting to solve them and in the end, both will stop caring and the marriage gets damaged. Make communication your first priority, even when you DON’T want to hear the other part at all if you want your marriage to succeed, you need to start giving and being more tolerant.


Alongside with communication comes trust; be an honorable person and earn your partner’s trust by trusting them at the same time. Otherwise, jealousy lies and insecurity will sooner or later crumble your relationship and therefore, your marriage.

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It doesn’t matter how mad you are or how much they hurt you, if you start disrespecting each other, offending, insulting each other, there will be no turning back! It’s better that you take some space and talk a little bit later instead of discharging your rage against each other. Remember there’re some words and wounds that can be avoided but can’t be forgotten after they’re done.

Don’t forget individual lives

It’s beautiful to be a concrete team, but it’s important that you also maintain your hobbies and friends separately. This way, you can release a bit of the couple tension while nurturing with new experiences to share while at home. It’s important that you don’t forget or lose yourself in the couple, so you can always go back to the person you fell in love with at the beginning if necessary.


Acknowledging your mistakes and forgiving the ones of your couple is essential. Remember neither you nor your couple are perfect and never will so don’t expect that and don’t think you’re that. Be kind and comprehensive and work together on the mistakes instead of holding grudges.


Sex is not the most important thing but without sex there’s nothing. So, make sure to be open-minded to sex adventures and fantasies and never take your partner’s pleasure or desires for granted. Sexual dissatisfaction is one of the first causes of cheating and divorce, even when love is still there.