How to choose the best vibrators

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Sexual pleasure for a woman is not something that is easy to come by. In many cases, one finds that even though they have a caring, Loving, listening and wonderful partner, they are still unable to satisfy your sexual needs. Sex in such relationships may be frequent and satisfactory to both partners but the woman finds that she just does it because it satisfies her emotionally and not physically. For you to reach orgasm, in many cases, you have to put in a little bit of extra effort. Such effort many mean either:

          Buying a vibrator

          Getting a dildo or both a vibrator and dildo

          Satisfying yourself


The latter may not be an option for a woman as she may end up being too attached. If you choose to buy a vibrator that doubles as a dildo too, you may find it difficult to know exactly what to look for especially if it is your first time or if you have bought one before and did not get much in the way of satisfaction. Before getting to a sex toy shop, here are some of the things to look for.


Of course size matters, it always has and always will. It is therefore the most important of all considerations to make. When buying think about the girth and the length of the vibrator dildo you choose to buy. You should know yourself enough to know what size is most comfortable for you and which will provide you with the most pleasure. If it is for yourself then you do not need to buy one that is a trap- on, if you plan to use it with a partner the a strap on is appropriate as it allows hands free penetration.


The material it is made of determines how soft or rough it will be. It also determined the strength of vibration it will have. Metals and harder plastics have the strongest of vibrations. These materials are also very firm which some people may not prefer. If you are looking for milder sensations, then you should go for softer materials after all less could be more for you. You can also choose to experiment, after all who says you only need to buy one vibrator?

Additionally, quality is very essential. You don’t want to buy a vibrator that will break while in the middle of the act. Silicone is among the best materials. It is soft and feels just like the real human part. Therefore, it will ensure you experience exceptional feeling throughout the game.

The shape and appearance

Rabbit vibrators are of many shapes. You may find smooth ones, some with ridges swirls or bumps. Some are straight while some are curved. Curved ones you can be certain reach the G- spot better. It is important that you have a dildo that resembles a penis as much as possible.


Although this is not a common factor to most buyers, it is important to look in the price of a product based on its features. You don’t want to buy a low quality dildo on a higher price. However, the best way to face this is by having a budget upfront.