First Dates:How to look just right, and kiss nerves goodbye

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So you’ve got a first date, but these days that can mean so many things. Is it the guy at college who you’ve been swapping looks with for ages? Or is it the fun guy you met at a party? Or did you meet someone online and this is the first face to face? Well, whatever your age, circumstance or aims, the first date is an exciting, but nerve wracking hurdle every woman faces. So for some great ideas to make it go well, read on.

How much make up should you wear?

We’ve all heard that men just like us to look ‘natural’, so it’s not about wearing a lot of makeup, and sometimes designing a look to enhance all your best features is the best way to go. That way you can get on with enjoying yourself without worrying that your winged eyeliner needs retouching! Also, a first date is a great time to treat yourself to a new lip gloss or blusher. Nothing increases confidence more than a pretty new colour to go with whatever outfit you’ve decided on, and there’s a lot of choice at Lookfantastic, and even luxury brands are often priced at budget levels.

Fresh, glossy hair is sure to make you feel special

Guys are also famous for loving touchable, full, healthy hair, and taking the time to make your hair as glossy and natural looking as possible always works well. There’s lots of shampoos that increase fullness which work very well for fine hair. Check out listing the best savings at Lookfantastic as the latest ideas and technological advances in hair care are always featured. Treating yourself to a conditioning pack if you’ve got dry hair is also a wonderful way to feel your best without overdoing it.

A bit of preparation to look a million dollars

There’s also subtle treatments to use which really lift your confidence. Try an at home tooth whitening kit? Or if it’s summer, why not treat yourself to a body lotion with a touch of colour or shimmer to enhance your skin? There’s also beauty accessories at Lookfantastic like epilators, exfoliators, eye lash dye, and of course, eye and face masks. Last of all, enjoy the whole beauty process from top to toe! Keep your clothes flattering and comfortable and match them with the place and the situation. If you know him already from college, then don’t turn up looking too dressy, whereas for a dinner date with a guy you met in a bar, definitely get out that slinky number.

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