Different Forms of Prostitution Practiced Widely

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Son- Who is this pretty lady at the window in the neighbourhood?

Dad- I’ve told you before,  don’t look there and don’t ask.

Son- But, why?

Dad- Because I said so, you’re too young, now let’s go.

As a grownup, it makes sense now why my dad had reacted to me in that way in that situation. Prostitution is the world’s oldest profession according to some historians. But, the taboo still continues. Depending where you are in the world, you may witness women standing on the road at an odd time or having them coming up to your car at the wee-hours of the night.

While sex related professionals are frowned upon in many countries, they are in something of a gray area in Canada. This legal murkiness means that it can take on several forms. Let’s know some of them.

  • Call Girl or Escort

An escort is a women that sells sex as her profession. She operates discreetly from a private building or a hotel, without revealing her real identity. Some of the grand hotels have an understanding with these women to offer their services to their customers. Also, she works solely by herself meaning that she’s entirely independant.

  • Brothel Employee 

A brothel is a fixed place where sex is practised openly. The sex workers live in this place and clients visit them at their convenience. A person working from a brothel is refered to as a brothel employee. This place also includes saunas, massage parlours and other relaxation spots. But, the brothel employee has to share her earning with the brothel owner.

  • Window Worker 

At the beginning of the blog, I told a story about women standing at the window trying to draw passers-by to the establishment. This way of prostitution is prevalent in many countries and in some countries, it’s legal as well.

  • Streetwalker 

Streetwalker is the term used for a person who stands on the street and offer themselves to those willing to pay for sex. The scene from ‘Pretty Woman’ is an example of this. However, the reality of their situation isn’t so glamorous, these workers are exploited immensely. There are many crime reports indicating that streetwalkers suffer from harassment and are at greater risk of assult.

  • Bar Worker 

A sex worker who scores a client from a bar or a casino is called a bar or casino worker. She has a moderate earning as the bar from where she is functioning has to pay the bar owner. But, she practices sex at another location.

  • Escort Agency Employee 

A sex worker working from an agency usually has to pay the agency to work from there. But, their earning is moderately higher than any other sex worker working from elsewhere. Also, escort service in Toronto is known for its clientele and quality service.

The above-mentioned forms are some of the major ways in which prostitution is done around the world. The sex workers are functioning independently or through agencies for entertaining the men looking for paying for sex.