A Few Sporting Bachelor Party Ideas

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Not every bachelor party has to involve booze and strippers.  To be honest, you can do that pretty any time you want.  Indeed, what some grooms want is a memorable experience with some of his closest friends, his brothers.  After all, he will probably not have as much time for the gang after he ties the knot.

With that in mind, here are a few adventurous, stripper-free, and certainly memorable Secrets Montreal bachelor party ideas for the modern man.


The adventure sports are more than just things you do in the great outdoors. Adventure sports should involve exploration in an environment you are probably not used to.  Sure, this can include hiking and camping—and you might want to include this in whatever adventure sports outing you are planning, anyway—but consider things that might be slightly terrifying or life-affirming too.  For example:

  • White water rafting—adrenaline-pumping and refreshing at the same time; and surviving the river together certainly brings you closer
  • Hang gliding—soar like the birds and see our amazing planet in a way that most people never experience
  • Sky Diving—basically a step up (in the danger department) from hang gliding


Not just boating, but all kinds of water sports.  This could include things like:

  • Water skiing
  • Jet skis
  • Deep sea fishing
  • And for good measure, lets include scuba diving, too

And, lets be honest, if you want to take to the sea for your bachelor party, you might want to plan to do it in an exotic location like Costa Rica or Mexico to add another element of escape to your already perfectly planned weekend.


You can’t really talk about stripper-free (and Vegas-free) without also looking some of the things that guys love to do just on their off time.  That in mind, consider golf.  Golf takes all day and can often be more about brotherhood and spending time together than about who gets to the pin faster.  

Also, consider attending sporting events or making a day out of the groom’s favorite sport.  Whether he is a baseball fan or a football—or he prefers something a little more intense like MMA or boxing—take the time to plan around his favorite interests for the most memorable time.