3 Signs Your Husband May Be Cheating

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It is a feeling any married woman doesn’t want to have.

What do you do if you suspect your husband might not be as faithful as you thought he was?

Dealing with such a feeling can be tough on you in both an emotional and physical sense. When it is, you want to get to the bottom of the matter sooner than later.

So, how to tell if your husband is cheating on you?

What Should You Be Looking for?

In the event you feel as if your other half is not living up to his vows, what can you do about it?

Yes, you could end up delving into his life. This can include seeing where he is going, who he is talking to and more. That said do you have the time for such endeavors?

To get to the heart of the matter, your best bet is to look for any unusual patterns that may have or may be forming.

With that in mind, what would be among the signs your husband may be cheating on you?

  1. Behavioral changes – If your husband is set in his ways, changes in behavior can get your attention. For instance, what if he is getting home much later from work than usual? While he could in fact have longer work hours, did he say in the recent past that his work schedule would be changing? If he did, do you have any reason to suspect he may be lying about this? He might also be communicating less with you than normal. Fewer in-person conversations or less texting can be signs of change and not for the better.
  2. Future plans – Were you both excited about a big vacation down the road? If so, why now is he changing his tune? He may be talking less about the trip or not putting the resources towards it you would expect him to do. Such actions can be a sign that he is not planning on being with you even as soon as later this year. Ask him why his tune has changed on the vacation you both had been looking forward to. For most married couples, a vacation is something both look forward to. When one is acting different, it can be a sign of trouble on the horizon.
  3. Guarding his communications – Last, is your guy becoming quite secretive about his communications? An example of this would be when he guards his cell phone or computer. Why is he so concerned you may find out who he is talking to? If he has nothing to hide, there is no reason for him to worry about you finding out who he is conversing with. Although he like you has a right to privacy, being too secretive is a red flag.

How Do You Deal with the Situation?

When you suspect your husband is with another person, you in most cases have two options in front of you.

First, you could confront him on the matter. How he reacts will go a long way in determining your next course of action.

Second, you can lay low and see how things play out. Doing this runs the risk of him deciding to continue seeing another individual. Without any pushback from you, he may or may not want to save the marriage.

If you think your husband might be unfaithful, what will you do to deal with the matter?